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Gutierrez Family Chiropractic Has Been Serving Snohomish County Since 1964

Tony Gutierrez III, D.C. is a 1995 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC and was a long-time member of the College Board of Regents. He has advanced certifications in Erchonia Cold Laser Protocols and is a 1998 graduate of Total Solutions seminars.

Dr. Tony is married to Bonita, and they have two children, Selena and Joshua. For years, Tony has enjoyed coaching / teaching football and AAU basketball while holding positions on several sports executive boards. He has training in and uses multiple chiropractic techniques that include:

  • Advanced muscle testing
  • Manual, low-force, and instrument adjusting
  • ArthroStim adjuster
  • Erchonia percussor (advanced)
  • Erchonia base station cold laser protocols (advanced)
  • Pre and post-surgery laser work (advanced)
  • Extremities
  • Torque release technique
  • Bio-cranial
  • Diversified
  • Pierce technique
  • Sports injuries
  • Digital orthotics
  • Nutrition

Gutierrez Family Chiropractic Statement of Purpose

Healing our community and changing lives with the power of the chiropractic adjustment and raising the standard of care through cutting edge technology, techniques, education, integrity, love passion, and purpose.

Questions About Chiropractic Care

How does chiropractic work?
Chiropractic is based on the below mentioned scientific principles:

  • There is intelligence within each individual, which not only keeps that person alive, but also coordinates, repairs, and heals; this intelligence is called “Innate”.
  • The nervous system is the main coordinating system and distribution center for this intelligence.
  • Alteration in the shape, tone, tension, or position will inhibit or distort the expression of this intelligence.
  • Vertebral subluxations are interference to the proper functioning of the nervous system and its ability to send, receive, and coordinate these signals.
  • The sole purpose of chiropractic adjustment is to remove the vertebral subluxation that is empowering a greater communication of this life power.

What causes vertebral subluxations?
Subluxations have 3 main causes:

  • Physical stress like sport injuries, falls, work activities, car accidents. In fact, spinal injuries often begin with the birth process.
  • Mental or emotional stress from the past and present that we all experience is cause because of our careers, personal and family relationships, and commuting can push our nervous system beyond its ability to adapt.
  • Chemical Stress pollution, poor diet, and medications can have a negative effect on the spine and nervous system.


“Medicine: The study of disease and what causes a man/woman to die. Chiropractic: The study of health and what causes a man/woman to live.”

- C.S. Gonstead, D.C.


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