Spine and Nervous System Adjustment


Chiropractors deal with how accurately your brain perceives what’s going on with your body and the breakdown of that communication.

At Gutierrez Family Chiropractic, we use the latest technology and known practices to apply adjustments that will correct your spine and nervous system. We use cutting-edge chiropractic techniques to adjust your spine and promote proper nerve function and correct subluxations. We have been providing effective chiropractic treatment since 1964. We focus on new technology and stay up-to-date with our current procedures.

Our care creates powerful results that are achieved with maximum efficiency. Through this care, your nervous system will release areas of stress or trauma and allow your body to make the necessary adaptive healing changes. Call us to learn more.

  • Health is a state of wholeness of your body that can accurately identify its continuously altering requirements and respond appropriately in a timely manner.
  • The Nerve System consists of your brain, spinal cord, spinal and peripheral nerves, and all nerves leading into every system, organ, and literaly every tissue cell of your body. It even includes its coverings and neuropeptides.
  • The purpose of your nervous system is to monitor your different needs. It also controls and coordinates appropriate responses necessary for proper adaptation, learning, and development.
  • A major sign of sickness is when you experience life stuck in repeating, annoying patterns.

Differences in the Medical and Chiropractic Model

Medical model:
The medical model studies the resulting symptomatic effects and signs, and how to treat them. Medicine classifies observed effects into over 2000 named diseases or syndromes in order to assign different treatments that change according to new discoveries. Medicine and most alternative therapies are a symptom and disease oriented approach.

Chiropractic model:
It studies the nervous system and its role in sustaining health. It concentrates on the things that affect the nerve system and normal, healthy function. Chiropractic recognizes that you are either in the ongoing process of adapting to or failing to effectively adapt to stress, or you’re either developing, learning, and returning towards wholeness or you're not. Viewing these two subjects, one process leads to health and healing, while the other process shows signs of you getting sicker. You’re never static!

Chiropractic is unique because it is limited to the science of detecting and studying physical interference to the nerve system and adjusting the interference.

Chiropractic purpose is to rid your nervous system of interference so it can more clearly and accurately perceive your changing needs. As a result, it restores your healing capabilities for increased energetic function and vitality.

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"I have been going to see Tony III for 15 years, he is knowledgeable, has a great bedside manner, and always has a new and current technology available. It is worth the commute for me and my family from Monroe to Smokey Point to visit him to keep my family healthy and strong. We all love them!"

- Heather Stidman Carter


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